cell phone keyloggerCell phone keylogger software is a useful technology which when implemented will allow the user to view the communications sent back or forth on a smart phone. It is not to be confused with other keyloggers which capture every single keystroke however; it will capture the transmissions of the device as they are sent. For example, when you press the enter button and send that text message only then will the app actually record it. In addition to capturing these transmissions cell phone keyloggers can do much more such as track the mobile phone location, listen in on a phone call or even the environment the device is in. As a result the user will easily be able to ascertain the truth about the person which is being monitored.

When it comes to implementing this spy software on a mobile phone it requires that the user install it directly onto the device. There is no other way because remote installations are not possible as yet. After the setup has been completed the program then jump into action logging each and every last detail of the communications it was designed to capture. The mobile keylogger will then send this information to a secure online server in which the user would have to log on to view the results. Since everything is available via the internet it means that the surveillance could be done anywhere and at anytime providing you have a web browser and internet connectivity.

In this review we will be looking at two of the leading programs that are available on the market right now.

What are the best keylogger software for a cell phone?

mobile spy app

Right now the most powerful program you will find on the market is Mobile Spy. This is an app developed by the RetinaX studios which has been in the surveillance industry from since 2003. Mobile spy outstretches the competition with respect of features, customer service and also bang for buck. When you purchase it you will have the benefit of:

  • Monitoring three devices with one subscription
  • Telephone support
  • Bonus software – A free computer keylogger with the purchase of the one year subscription.

When compared to the others there is no one which comes quite as close and we have not discussed the features as yet. When this mobile phone keylogger is installed it will allow the user to monitor text messages, Whatsapp messenger chat, facebook, twitter, Blackberry messenger, gps locations (referred to as gps tracking), call history, websites visited, imessages, yahoo messenger, msn messenger, photos and videos taken, youtube videos watched and much more. As you see the list goes on and what is certain is that nothing will escape the user of this particular software.

In terms of price you will be looking at between $49.95USD to $139.94USD. For further details simply www.mobilespylite.com

mobisteal spy software

Mobistealth is the next option. It does not have as much features as its main competitor however; it does have the power features which some people do look for. This is the ability to listen in on phone conversations or the environment itself. Mobistealth comes in three packages which are Lite, Pro and Prox in which the features vary accordingly and also price. If you are looking to acquire this app it will cost you between $39.95 and $199.95USD. Its features include the capability to spy on bbm, emails, photos, videos, Whatsapp messenger, calendar events, web history, contact details, gps locations, sim change notifications and this is in addition to the power features mentioned earlier. To find out more visit www.mobistealthpro.com

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mobile phone keyloggerGenerally, most persons who are looking to use a mobile keylogger have a good reason to do so. They may use it to protect their kids from negative influences or a company from a dishonest employee. In either case it is possible to acquire quite a bit of information by using a mobile phone keylogger app. If you are unfamiliar with this technology, it basically is used to spy on a cell phone activity and then pass on that information to the user. In other words it would be possible for you to see virtually everything which is done on that device unknown to the person using it.

The process begins with choosing the right software for the job. There are a number of cell phone keylogger apps on the market today but as a guideline you should be looking for one which is reputable; compatible with the smart phone targeted and can also monitor the communications which you are interested in. Once you have decided on the program then the next step will be to download and install it onto the mobile. This would take around 10 minutes to complete and generally there is no changes to the default settings. However, a serial key from the vendor would be needed to start the surveillance process.

As soon as it is entered the mobile keylogger goes into action recording certain communications including sms messages, bbm messages, facebook chat etc. The information recorded is sent to the user’s web account in which he will have to go to the vendor’s website and log on to see what is happening. Everything will be exposed there so it will be up to the user to do what he wishes with the information gathered.

If you are interested in purchasing a cell phone spy app then there are really two programs which you should be looking at and these are Mobile spy or Mobistealth. The first pick is Mobile spy because it actually offers its buyers the ability to monitor three cell phones with one purchase. In addition to that it actually contains the most features you will find in this type of application.  This includes the capability to monitor:

  • Sms messages
  • Instant messenger conversations ( msn, yahoo, AOL  etc)
  • Blackberry messenger chat
  • Imessage
  • Youtube videos watched
  • Photos taken
  • Videos taken
  • Gps locations
  • Emails
  • Contact details
  • Websites visited
  • Phone calls made or received

In addition to surveillance functions this particular mobile keylogger is also capable of control features which means it could lock, unlock or delete information from the phone by using special sms commands. This mobile keylogger also has a bonus offer of Sniperspy which is a free pc monitoring program should you decide to go with the one year subscription. The cost of Mobile spy will run you between $49.95 USD and $139.94USD. For further information on this app

The next one Mobistealth can be a rival on its own. This particular cell phone keylogger is capable of monitoring:

  • Text messages
  • Blackberry messenger chat
  • Whatsapp chat
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Phone conversations (eavesdrop on an actual cell phone call)
  • Environment (turn on the mic and listen to what is happening in the mobile’s surroundings)
  • Websites visited
  • Gps locations
  • Sim card changes
  • Contact details

Mobistealth starts at $39.99USD and can go as high as $199.99USD. Generally, most persons use this program due to the cell phone tapping capabilities. For further details on this mobile keylogger then visit www.mobistealthpro.com .

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mobile spy

Do I need to have physical contact with the device to install a mobile phone keylogger?

Yes, this is because there is presently no other way to do so. However, it should be noted that the installation will take between 10 and 15 minutes which means that your surveillance could be up and running in no time.

Can you monitor any smart phone with this spy software?

You would be able to use keylogger technology on most of the smart phones on the market today. None the less it is your duty to ensure it is compatible with the program you are looking at. Most vendors have a list of these phones on their respective website and if you have a query then it is best to direct your question to the support team.

Is it legal to use this type of technology?

The answer to that is yes. However, in order to use mobile phone keylogger software you must be the owner of the phone for starters and also if the person is over 18 years; then the general requirements would be to notify them that they are being monitored. Different areas will have their own laws and codes so it is recommended to seek the advice of an attorney prior to use.

Can this technology do more than log keystrokes?

Certainly there is a lot more a keylogger for a cell phone can do besides capture keystroke typed when a message is sent. Some of the more popular additional features are gps tracking (locate a smart phone via its gps coordinates), mobile tapping (listening in on a phone call) and cell phone bugging (use of the mic to listen in on its surroundings). In all this is more powerful than just recording transmissions alone.

Is there any particular program I should look at?

When it comes to surveillance of these devices then either Mobile Spy or Mobistealth will work. Mobile spy allows its users to spy on more than one device therefore it is pretty popular when dealing with families or organizations. It contains a long list of features such as call monitoring, email interception, sms spying etc. This makes it quite effective as a keylogger because usually nothing is missed. If you are interested in finding out more then www.mobilespylite.com.

Mobistealth on the other hand, has a few similar features carried by Mobile spy however, it has two functions which set it apart. This is the ability to bug or tap the cell phone. With respect to cost it ranges between $39.95 and $199.99USD for a subscription. For further details about this mobile phone keylogger  www.mobistealthpro.com

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blackberry spy softwareBlackberry keylogger software was developed to keep track of a Blackberry smart phone location and interactions. It provides the user with a means of seeing certain activities from a distance without having to come into contact with the mobile device. In all, this cell phone keylogger opens a door into that person’s life which would not be seen otherwise. This is through monitoring bbm chat, text messages, msn messenger and much more. The fact that it is actually hidden in the background of the smart phone means that the person would be clueless towards what is occurring. As a result, it is almost guaranteed that the information gathered from the Blackberry keylogger could be considered the real deal.

If you are considering purchasing a Blackberry spy app then you need to ensure it is giving you what you want. There are generally a range of features which are offered but the key ones you would be looking at is the ability to spy on Blackberry messenger chat and also gps tracking. Text messages are also important in terms of your surveillance however, this is a standard feature. Presently there are not many apps which offer both of those features so in this overview we will look at programs which carry them both in their lineup.

The programs are relatively easy to use in which the user installs it onto the device under surveillance. If you are accustomed to using a Blackberry phone there should be no hiccups. The software captures what is said or done and send it online to the user to view remotely.The only thing which you would have to do is to choose the best app for the job. There are two types of Blackberry keylogger programs you would find around today. These are the basic and the advance type.

Ephonetracker offers a basic solution to Blackberry spying. Its features includes spying on blackberry text messages, contacts, calls, websites browsed, gps locations and environment (also known as Blackberry phone bugging). It misses the important function mentioned earlier which is to spy on bbm chat but it does have the cell phone tracker one. The cost is just $49.95USD which is a nominal fee. If you would like to see more visit www.ephone-tracker.com.

Mobile spy is the more advance version of Ephonetracker in which it contain similar features however it can also monitor Blackberry messenger, msn messenger,  yahoo, AOL, emails, PIN messages, photos and videos taken, events and more. Mobile spy Blackerry keylogger allow its user to monitor up to 3 different devices which make it excellent for family or organisations who are in need of a cell phone keylogger. If you would like to find out more about this program then .

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keylogger software for nokia phoneA Nokia keylogger is a spy app which is used to capture certain transmissions being sent or received by that particular smart phone. It is not difficult to use and on the contrary to popular beliefs it is pretty straight forward. The keylogger user must simply install the program onto the Nokia phone first. From there it will begin to log the phone activities and then send it back to the user either via email or onto a secure web account. Therefore the only thing which is needed to view the logs is for the person using the program to go onto the respective account. Depending on what has been captured then the required actions could be taken.

 With respect to features, a keylogger for a Nokia phone is capable of recording quite a bit of information. This includes text messages, phone calls, websites visited etc. It really comes down to the depth of your surveillance. A simple app would run you about 50 bucks but a more robust or complex one will put you in the range of a few hundreds. In this review we will look at two possible Nokia spy apps which are commonly used on the market today. The on chosen at the end of the day depends on how deep you wish to go with your surveillance and also your pocket.

 What are my choices in Nokia spy software?

spy bubble

 It is recommended to use either Spybubble or Mobile Spy when it comes to the monitoring a Nokia phone.  Spybubble in this case is the basic Nokia keylogger app. Its standard edition allow the user to spy on Nokia text messages, phone call history, websites visited, emails, photos taken, gps coordinates and contact details. This is at a costs just $49.95USD for a standard version. If however, you would like a bit more power then Pro version should be looked at which offers mobile tapping (listening in on a phone conversation) and bugging (environment listening) functionality. This is for an additional $34.95USD but would be definitely worth the cost. For further details on Spybubble simply

 Mobile spy on the other hand has the advantage because it allows the user to monitor multiple smart devices. It contains similar features to Spybubble standard but also offers in addition track calendar events, facebook chat, twitter and youtube videos watched. In addition it offers the user the capability to control the phone remotely by sms messages. Therefore it will be possible to lock, unlock and even delete data by using this Nokia keylogger. The cost of a subscription starts at $49.95USD and if you applied for the year then you would acquire a computer monitoring app as well. For further details about Mobile spy www.mobilespylite.com.

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spying on iphone 4sIn the world right now, there is an app for every occasion and that includes spying on an iphone’s movements and activities. Spy software whether for computers or mobile devices have been available online for years now and have increased significantly in demand. The reason is quite obvious when you think about it. These apps allow you to know what is really happening with someone when your back is turned by giving you a sneak peek into their conversations and other actions. In this review of iphone spy products, we will be looking to give you the names of the top brands available on the market today.

However; before you even consider purchasing or installing any monitoring software onto an iphone, there are some things which you must take care of first. The first item on the list would be whether or not the iphone is jail broken. If it isn’t, it must be done prior to the setup because there is no spy software available in the Apple store. This is compulsory with no negotiations. If that cannot be done, then there is no need to go any further. The second issue is internet. The user of the smart phone must be utilizing the internet so that the software can transmit the data to you. It would still log the events which are happening but, you won’t be able to get what was recorded because all information is sent to an online account.

If you are absolutely certain about these two aspects, then it is now time to take a look at what is out there. Features vary among iphone spy apps, so it is a good idea to know what you would need upfront. The program selected should at least be able to monitor iphone whatsapp messages, text messages and track the smart phone location. In this review each app carries these respective functions but takes things even further.

1 #  Choice is Ispyoo

ispyoo features listing

Ispyoo is an excellent iphone monitoring application which allow you to follow almost every aspect of an iphone surreptitiously. It carries the core functions which has been mentioned earlier and many other important ones such as Viber chat monitoring, facebook chat spying and ambient surroundings listening to name a few. Now the reason why this is the number one in our list is not only due to its reliability and functions but also value for money. It allows the user to track up to three iphones or other mobile devices of choice (e.g. ipad and android). This makes it extremely affordable for any person who would like to attempt surveillance of multiple mobile gadgets such as seen in households. On top of that you could also try it out for 48 hours before you even decide to purchase it which this website recommends because, at the end of the day you would have nothing to lose.

The starting price is $13USD and varies according to the options you would like to acquire. To learn more about this software you would need to download. In order to take advantage of the free trial you would need to sign up for it.

2# Choice is Highster Mobile


Highster mobile has been on the market for some time now and was one of the first applications which utilised the blue tooth connection vulnerability to install itself onto the target smart phone. Since bluetooth hacking has become almost impossible now because of the increase security most phones carry, Highster did a complete overhaul of its system. The new system works the conventional way of the typical spy app but boasted much more features than what was offered previously. On the web, you would not find an application which carries this many features at such an affordable cost. For just under 70 bucks (one time fee currently), it would be possible to keep track of wechat, viber messenger, skype, emails, videos, pictures taken and more. This of course is in addition to the core features which were mentioned earlier.

When you have a question, you can contact this vendor either through email or a phone call. In order to see all of what this software has to offer you would need to visit www.highstermobilepro.com

3# Choice is Flexispy

flexispyFlexispy is one of the oldest iphone spy apps in existence today. Currently, it has the most features available (over 150) which gives it the widest scope in mobile surveillance period. In fact, it is the only one of the three which allow the user to listen in on an iphone conversation. Can you think about that? Listening word for word of what the person has to say about you or a situation. There is definitely nothing which comes close to that. The only thing which most persons find is an issue is the cost. This software comes in two versions which is the Lite that sells for $150USD and the xtreme (all of the functions) which is $350USD respectively.  It costs more than the other options out there however; you would definitely get your money worth. Plus, if there is something that the other two cannot monitor you would definitely have to come to Flexispy.

There is too much details about this iphone spy program that this review would not be able to touch on, it is recommended to visit www.flexispy-omni.com to get the full story.

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woman messaging on whatsapp

Whatsapp is a phenomenal mobile messaging system which has taking the world by storm for a few years now. Its main purpose was to replace the archaic sms messages and with over 300 million users worldwide, it would be able to reach its goal sooner or later. Now due to its popularity many mobile monitoring applications have opted to implement a whatsapp spy feature based strictly on its popularity. Mobile monitoring technology has become crucial today especially within the family. It helps the mothers and fathers keep track of their kids dealings without being overly intrusive. By reading their whatsapp messages, an adult could quickly access which road the youngster is going and can take prompt action if necessary.

In this review we will be taking a look at two of the more popular whatsapp spy apps for the iphone. Before that however; we need to make one point absolutely clear. Prior to purchasing this type of software you must ensure two things. The first is that the iphone in question has been jailbroken and the second is that there is online connectivity of the smartphone at some point in time. These are both essential  to ensuring successful surveillance. The next steps would involve downloading the iphone keylogger app through Cydia and installing it. The spy program will do the rest by recording the whatsapp messages and sending them to the user through the internet. All is needed is some patience because everything would be uncovered in time.

What software should I look at to spy on iphone whatsapp messages?

In this review we will be looking at two popular smart phone monitoring applications which are Highster Mobile and Ispyoo respectively. Both have the core feature you would be looking for but there are also supplementary features which truly come in handy since whatsapp would not be the only activities that would take place.

1#Highster Mobile

highster mobile softwareThis is one of the simplest iphone spy program you would ever come across. It initially used the blue tooth method to install itself in stealth but has revamped the whole mechanism from scratch. The reason that it is loved so much is due to the fact that it is affordable and also does not come with any annual subscription which most whatsapp spy programs for iphone  do. You pay your 70 bucks up front and that is it. Some of the supplementary features included with this application are tracking of viber messenger chat, skype, wechat, line chat, facebook and the list goes on. The only thing missing is the ability to view imessages but other than that it is the best option out there right now. To learn more you would need to visit www.highstermobilepro.com


ispyoo mobile spy

This close running second could easily be your first choice depending on your requirements. Some of the key supplementary functions offered by Ispyoo include monitoring the surroundings (listening in on its environment), imessages, viber, skype, multimedia etc. The best part about this particular program is that it can be used to watch up to three mobile gadgets this includes iphones, android or ipad. You mix it up whatever way you wish. The cost for Ispyoo starts at around $14.00 for a months subscription and varies according to the type and package chosen. Typically, it is the better buy when you are looking to monitor multiple devices and also various types. To learn more about this whatsapp spy  you would need to visit www.ispyoo.com

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unlocked iphoneJailbreak your iphone the right way or you may end up spending a few hundred bucks acquiring a new one. It may seem harsh but like anything else, if you do not know what you are doing, the result may be catastrophic. Before you decide to even jailbreak any Apple mobile gadget you need to understand the ramifications first. Yes it has its benefits and that is why many people go through the effort of unlocking their iphone but, it can also cause some issues as well. For instance Apple does a thorough screening process of the applications which are published in their store. When you go and use an alternative store then it is more likely that you may acquire a bug full application. Another con to jailbreaking your iphone is that it makes this smart phone more vulnerable to spyware such as keyloggers and also viruses.

Now these are the two biggest issues with the process but each could be countered by the owner of the smart phone being more vigilant. In the first case you must ensure that the software downloaded is reputable. Do some research and see what current and previous users have to say. Anything significantly negative would usually hit the internet quickly and spread like wild fire. This also applies to the second instant mentioned pertaining to spy software. Spy apps usually come as a wolf in shee clothing and although you may not be able to recognise it. Mark my words someone online probably has and posted something on it. Another safeguard option you would have would be to acquire a decent antivirus such as Intego which could scan your mac, iphone and also ipad.

Now that is out of the way and you are aware of the risks, it is time to look at some of the benefits which lead people to overlook these possible consequences. The biggest one that motivate the owner of an iphone to jailbreak it, is the type of apps which are made available. For example Mywi can change your iphone into a hotspot which means that it can share internet connectivity across other wireless devices. Another example would be Mxtube which allow you to download youtube videos for offline viewing. The list goes on and on as new apps are added to the process. The second major reason is customizations of the phone such as wall paper and also calendar. The first reason overshadows this by far but it is definitely a perk especially for those who have their individual style.

apple unlocker

How to go about doing it?

You would need to acquire an app which can get the job done effectively. If you do a quick search on the web, you would probably notice that there are numerous free ones available. The main issue with using anything free is its lack of documentation and assistance. If there are any issues you would need to search various forums in order to get the answer which you are looking for. If you are not a techie then this route is definitely not for you. The alternative is a paid software which would cost you between 20 and 30 bucks but those problems would be dealt with. We recommend either using Jailbreak Unlock or Apple Unlocker which have been in the industry for a number of years. Both offer a lifetime upgrades which mean that you would never have to pay for it again and also direct customer support which is essential when you find yourself in difficulties.

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recording keystrokes of iphone

If you are here then you are either pondering or have decided to install an iphone keylogger application onto a specific Apple smart phone. The reasons why someone would want to do this are endless but, if you do decide to go this route you first must determine whether, what you are doing is within the scope of the law. Keystroke logging software is designed for families and also businesses in general. Of course each area and country would have their take on it so you should really seek legal counsel before implementing this type of system especially if the purposes were not the ones mentioned just now.

When you are looking to setup an iphone keylogger application there are a number steps required and these are listed below.

1.    Look for the right application

Although this may seem unbelievable, many people are often duped into purchasing software claiming to be a keylogger for the iphone but is not. These apps usually come with a lot of bells and whistles to mask this fact. For example some are capable of monitoring whatsapp messages or eavesdropping on phone calls. As a result; the potential buyer would be caught up and fail to recognize that the primary function required is not offered.

Right now, there is only one program for the iphone which delivers on its promise and that is ikeymonitor. In the future this may change as more developers come on board. If in doubt you must be certain to read the specs thoroughly before purchasing.

2. Ensure that the iphone is jailbroken

Unfortunately; spy software is not available in the Apple store which means that you must go through Cydia or some other alternative store. If the device has been jailbroken prior that is fine, otherwise take a serious look at our tutorial on jailbreaking an iphone. The process is simple and intuitive if you have the right software. In a matter of minutes Cydia should be up and running. The implementation process could now commence.

3. Download and Install (Using ikeymonitor as the example since it is the only keylogger available currently)

ikeymonitor setup instructionsAfter the registration has been completed. It would be required, that you go to Cydia and do a search for ikeymonitor. If there are multiple download sources then you would need to use the one from Bigboss. Install and confirm the device. At this time, the registration key which was giving at the time of purchase could be entered. Any necessary adjustments to the configuration would be made next. The most essential one being the delivery method which could be by email, ftp or an online account (add-on). The choice is left up to the user.

Other popular settings typically utilised are the stealth and also password access. Access to ikeymonitor is done through Safari and the default address could be altered to whatever the user wishes. In addition a password could be placed onto this app so that no one can get into to it by accident. After the settings have been adjusted to the user’s likings it it now time to close the app so that the surveillance could begin.

4. Wait until the data arrive:

This is the fun part in which everything captured is retrieved and could be used according to the findings. If you are interested in finding out more about iphone keylogger then read our evaluation of ikeymonitor.

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Mspy has been in the cell phone spy business from since 2011. It initially was available with constrained functionality but in just a couple years has escalated to the top level of the industry with its improved feature list and exceptional help system. At the moment it is second on the top ten reviews website mobile phone monitoring section after Phonesheriff. It is not as old as its leading opponent but it certainly has essential functions which Phonesheriff does not carry including skype and whatsapp spying to name a few. This gives it an edge in which most persons would use it over the number one application.

So let’s start our overview of Mspy so you could quickly make a determination of whether it is right for you.

Review of Mspy features

banner123When dealing with any product most persons are interested in what is can do for them. Mspy offers its user a large number of capabilities to deal with their surveillance needs. It is actually broken down into two sections which are monitoring and control. When installed and it is up and working you would be able to monitor phone calls (history), sms messages, emails, instant messenger conversations (skype, whatsapp, viber, facebook, imessages etc), mobile device location (via its gps coordinates), website history,  calendar events, multimedia (videos and photos), keystrokes typed, surroundings activities (listen in by turning on the mic) and phone conversations (record and listen to an actual mobile call).

The control functions allow you to restrict or block websites visited, incoming calls, application and device usage(wipe mobile device). A full demo is available lo123and you can to see the software in action. In some scenarios you may need to jailbreak or root the device in order for certain attributes to work with this cell phone keylogger.

What devices can it work with?

You can install Mspy on a number of common mobile phones (e.g. Samsung) types and tablets. This includes:

  • Android smart phones
  • Android tablets
  • Iphone
  • Ipad
  • Blackberry (up to version 7.0)

Before buying you should ensure that it will work with the particular version of the operating system on the device. Most of the times it doesn’t matter unless there is a major upgrade which is done.

Support and Help Options

Before and after you purchase the Mspy system it is possible to acquire help on any questions you may have. The possible ways to contact this vendor is via:

Email : Generally has a quick turnaround time of less than a couple hours depending on the work load.

Telephone Support: This gives you the opportunity to chat with someone and get your answers right there and then.

Online Support: Chat live with someone over an online  instant messenger service. The major advantage of this is that you have the ability to save chat conversations which you can refer to at a later time.

Purchasing info and Warranty

The guarantee offered is 10 days if you are not satisfied with the software performance. The starting price is from $49.99USD and up depending on the subscription you decide to go for. If you want to buy or have any queries then:

Click Here To Visit the Official  Mspy Website

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whatsapp messengerThe power or capability to spy on whatsapp messenger on an android mobile has become an increasing necessity by many people today. After all whatsapp has become the top messenger service the world has to offer today. Its main purpose is to replace the text messaging platform and because of that the contact identification is actually their mobile device’s cell phone number. This mean that you can message the person providing you have their number and they have whatsapp on their mobile. The added bonus is that you can block an individual from messaging you and also send multimedia files which you would be unable to using the regular sms messaging system.

The main problem that whatsapp has over text messaging lies in the fact that it needs internet to operate. Therefore, the people without data services are usually the ones who has issues and need to connect to a wifi area. However; as more wifi hotspots are being opened eventually this would become less of a worry.

So what do I need to use this kind of program?

Android whatsapp spy software requires three conditions in order to work effectively and these are:

  • Operating system compatibility – This is usually an issue if there has been an upgrade or a new release to the operating system recently. Most products would be functional a short time afterwards but, you would not be able to immediately utilise it.
  • Android phone or tablet must be rooted – This is not necessary to install the spy app but advance functions like whatsapp monitoring requires certain permissions which is not available typically.
  • Local installation: You must have access to the device in order to setup and configure it. It is not possible to do so through bluetooth, wirelessly or any other method. You must get the smart gadget in your hand.

Providing all of these three conditions are okay, you can then move to the next phase which is selecting the particular mobile keylogger to do the job. You do not have to worry because we will be showing you two excellent apps to get the job done.

What product should I acquire to spy on Whatsapp?

Although there may be a number of programs which claim to offer the capability to monitor whatsapp conversations there are only two which actually stands above the rest. Both of them give you other functions in the process which may not be your primary focus but would add value to your surveillance. The names of the two app are Mspy and Mobile spy. We encourage you to take a look at the review of each product before you make a final determination. This can be done by clicking two links below.

Mspy review

Mobile spy review

After you have gone through both of them then it is time to start spying on the whatsapp messages of the mobile gadget.

Android rooting is a method which gives you complete control of the android operating system of the gadget you are using. It is similar to jailbreaking an iphone in which you remove all of the manufacturers default restrictions. When you remove these restrictions, apps which could not function properly otherwise would be able to work now completely. For example, some android parental monitoring apps require rooting so that advance functions such as whatsapp spying or phone tapping could work. Otherwise, you would have to settle for some basic functionality which as a parent may be useless to you. In general most people actually root their device because they could not utilise an app which they would like to use.

How do I go about it?

Generally, most people would turn to their cell phone tech guy or store in order to do this procedure. He would then take your android phone or tablet in the back room and after 30 minutes or so would return it rooted. The issue with this is the cost which is around 50 bucks but can be more depending on the mobile you are dealing with. The funny thing about it is that you can actually root your android device by yourself and it will cost you about half that price. Similar to the tech guy you would have to download special software in order to perform this procedure.

After some research and you have decided on a reputable rooting app the next thing would be to download onto your computer and install. Before you do anything you would should backup your information. This can be done using an app from the google store such as Titanium Backup. After that is done you can hook up your device to the computer and hook up the device. Open the software and start to follow the instructions. Generally, the software would do a scan before initiating anything. It does all the work for you and in the end you just need to restart and that is it. You are now ready to utilise your fully rooted device with no sweat.

Is there any android rooting programs?

There are a number of programs which could be used to accomplish this but two of the most popular ones are on www.1clickroot.com and www.srsroot.com. Both of these are excellent tools and have been rated quite highly. You could check them out before you decide to go ahead and purchase it.

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There are two principal strategies which you can employ to spy on an android mobile phone. Dependent upon your position it may be favourable to make use of one over the other. The most familiar way that people monitor any mobile phone is through sneaking. This is especially used by partners who would like to know whether there is any infidelity in their relationship. Typically, when one person turns their back the other would take up their android phone and then look through it. If there is any devastating evidence it would be dealt with right there and then or it could be prolonged to see what else comes up.

android phone spy technology

This technique is quite effective when spying on an android phone providing the person does not know that you are monitoring their mobile phone and there is sufficient access to the gadget. If your actions are discovered then it could cause a noise or the individual would start to cover his or her tracks better. The later would make surveillance of the phone futile because you would be fed with the information that person wants you to see. This totally defeats the purpose of the whole spy plot. Luckily, there is another way to do things but it would cost you a few dollars.

It involves installing a android spy app (sometimes known as a keylogger) onto the unit in question. These stealth programs allow you to monitor the phone without the user having a clue to what is going on.  The process to do this involves registering, downloading and installing the program onto the device itself. Some people may think it is complex but it isn’t really. Most of the vendors actually provide a well laid out set of instructions; so simple that a child can easily do it as well. When everything has been completed; you will have 24 hour monitoring of the android mobile with all the logs being sent to you online.

You would be able to monitor the whatsapp messages, viber messages, text messages, emails, phone calls and other important information remotely. Depending on the features you wish to use you may have to root the android device in order to gain further permissions of the unit. Android spy software do sound like the better way to go to keep an eye on someone and generally it is. If you do decide to go this route you must ensure that the target device is yours because in some areas it may be illegal to keep track of a mobile using this method which you do not own. If you are interested in finding out more about this type of software then take a look at our best android keylogger listing (click here).


Keyloggers for Android Listing

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True keylogger software is not easy to come by for an android mobile phone or tablet in general. Most of the time you would acquire an app which could monitor the gadget’s communications but this is only when data is sent or received. This mean that you can forget about knowing the user’s passwords or anything of that sorts. Of course the info would be useful but an android keylogger app would allow you to capture keystrokes typed as well as monitor activities of the mobile device. The keys pressed are important because you would be able to see what they typed to log on to their emails or other internet accounts. You would also see anything the person has backspaced prior to sending which could tell you a lot.

All of this information would now be at your disposal. The best part is that the price range is the same as the android monitoring apps although you have this added power attribute. So let’s cut to the chase and talk about which software you should be using to tackle this type of surveillance. Presently there are only two programs which can do this on the internet today. The top being Mspy.

mspy box imageMspy android keylogger app was created by an english software development company with offices in America, Germany and Austrailia. The concept of the app was started in 2008 and development commenced the next year. It was then finally launched in 2011 and although it was pretty new in cell phone spy market it quickly picked up in popularly. This is because of the features it offered and the excellent customer care provided. This mobile keylogger does not only monitor the keys which are pressed on android phone or tablet but also emails, whatsapp messages, phone conversations (eavesdropping on a phone call secretly) and more. When dealing with support you have three choices of contacting one of the main offices, instant messenger chat or email. This is just a basic overview of what to expect but you can definitely find out more by either looking at our official Mspy critique or  lo123 in which you would be transported to the main website.

keylogger for androidMobile spy which is the alternative was around for some time and ranks high in the field of android spy apps. In order to utilise the key logging function with this app however; you would need to purchase the live surveillance add on which would cost you an additional 35 bucks. The Live surveillance option is a way to see everything which is done on a mobile device by a remote virtual interface. In other words you would see everything the person is doing with this power attribute from online. When talking about other features it is very similar Mspy but it lacks the ability to listen in on phone conversations. This may or may not affect you depending on what you are looking for. Now to find out more about this keylogger for android devices you can look at our overview of Mobile spy or load123to be taken to its official website.

monitor blackberry phoneIf you are interested in purchasing a Blackberry spy app then chances are you will be using them to keep track of your kids or employees’ Blackberry smart phone. Spy software for cell phones is becoming quite popular especially when there is demand for knowledge about someone. For example, you may want to know if your employee is abusing his privileges. The Blackberry spy app helps in determining what is going on by secretly recording certain transmissions and then passing on that information to the user.

The software is hidden and as a result the person using the mobile phone will be unaware that he or she is being monitored. As a result the information captured will be an actual representation of what is happening with the person. So what can I monitor on a Blackberry smart phone you may wonder? Well virtually anything with Blackberry spy software. Some popular functions which are seen by these programs are:

  • Blackberry tracking
  • Blackberry messenger monitoring
  • Sms monitoring
  • Call details
  • Call tapping

Of course each Blackberry keylogger app would carry its own set of features as well as a particular cost. The price range usually is between 40 bucks and a few hundred and this is dependent on the brand and the features which are carried. When choosing a particular brand it is recommended that the program has the ability to spy on Blackberry messenger. The reason being is that bbm is the typical way people communicate through this smart phone. If you are only monitoring sms messages then chances are you will miss quite a bit in your surveillance which may be important to you.

What apps are recommended to monitor a Blackberry smart phone?

In terms of software the best presently on the market are Mobile spy and Mobistealth. They both have similar core functions in which each of the Blackberry apps can spy on Blackberry text messages, bbm, call history details, photos, videos,  emails, calendar events, websites browsed and also track the smart phone via its gps coordinates. Mobistealth however, has a feature which its competitor does not carry and that is the ability to bug the cell phone (listen in on its surroundings). Its cost starts at $39.95USD and increases depending on the subscription chosen. In order to find out more about how to spy on a Blackberry with this particular program then you should visit www.mobistealthpro.com.

Mobile spy although a bit more expensive offers a twist in terms of functionality. Starting at $49.99USD this Blackberry spy software will not only be able to capture the basic features but other stuff like monitoring Yahoo messenger, Msn, AOL etc. In addition it offers Sniperspy which is a popular computer monitoring application giving parents and employers best of both worlds. For more details on this program 

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